Rogers’ iPhone 3G data plan reality check!!!

If you are an existing Rogers customer and you have are eligible for an upgrade you will get your upgrade to an iPhone on Friday July 11 (depending on stock of course). It is the same as any other phone upgrade.

For instance: I currently have a voice plan and a data plan. I have agreed to the 3 year contract so my 8GB iPhone 3G will cost me $224.00 with a $50 mail-rebate (remember this is Rogers!) So it will cost me $174.00 – with no change in my voice plan or data plan!!! I pay Rogers a lot of money every month and I’m a “preferred client” and according to my source, “Rogers may be thick but they’re not stupid.”

On the Rogers web site it says:

Already an existing customer?
If you are an existing customer, you may keep your existing voice service plan and add a separate data plan. To check your upgrade eligibility, please call 1 888 ROGERS1 or visit your nearest Rogers retail location.

The plans that are posted are for NEW activations and you can mix and match once you’ve got the iPhone.

With respect to the 3 year commitment – the iPhone is a GSM phone so you can only use it with Rogers – where else are you going to go? To get out of the commitment it will cost you $20/month remaining on your contract up to a $400 maximum. Rogers is also subsidizing the cost of the iPhone by at least $450 – so it would cost you a bundle to buy the iPhone unlocked.


3 thoughts on “Rogers’ iPhone 3G data plan reality check!!!”

  1. I agree, as much as our prices suck compared to the rest of the world they really aren’t that bad considering they’re Canadian wireless plans. What most people are pissed off about is that they’re realizing that Canadian wireless is far more expensive than the rest of the world. This is just the first time they’ve seen it compared to the rest of the world.

    I’ve gone through enough of a rollercoaster over the past week:

    Anyway, I didn’t know you had an iphone blog… subscribed.

  2. Wait until C-61 passes making it illegal to unlock your iPhone or even illegal transfer songs to your iPhone/iPod.

    Excerpt from read more…

    Bill C-61 spells out consumers’ rights in how they are allowed to copy media and clears up some grey areas. Existing laws do not specifically allow consumers to copy books, newspapers, periodicals, photographs, videocassettes and music. The new bill would expressly allow them to make one copy of each item per device owned, such as a computer or MP3 player. The bill would also expressly allow consumers to record television and radio programs for later viewing.

    The Conservatives’ bill, however, also contains an anti-circumvention clause that will make it illegal to break digital locks on copyrighted material, which critics say could trump all of the new allowances. CD and DVD makers could put copy protections on their discs, or television networks could attach technological flags to programs that would prevent them from being recorded onto TiVos and other personal video recorders.

    Cellphones would also be locked down, so when consumers buy a device from one carrier, they would be unable to use it with another. Breaking any of these locks could result in lawsuits seeking up to $20,000 in damages.

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