Rogers’ iPhone 3G data plan reality check!!!

If you are an existing Rogers customer and you have are eligible for an upgrade you will get your upgrade to an iPhone on Friday July 11 (depending on stock of course). It is the same as any other phone upgrade.

For instance: I currently have a voice plan and a data plan. I have agreed to the 3 year contract so my 8GB iPhone 3G will cost me $224.00 with a $50 mail-rebate (remember this is Rogers!) So it will cost me $174.00 – with no change in my voice plan or data plan!!! I pay Rogers a lot of money every month and I’m a “preferred client” and according to my source, “Rogers may be thick but they’re not stupid.”

On the Rogers web site it says:

Already an existing customer?
If you are an existing customer, you may keep your existing voice service plan and add a separate data plan. To check your upgrade eligibility, please call 1 888 ROGERS1 or visit your nearest Rogers retail location.

The plans that are posted are for NEW activations and you can mix and match once you’ve got the iPhone.

With respect to the 3 year commitment – the iPhone is a GSM phone so you can only use it with Rogers – where else are you going to go? To get out of the commitment it will cost you $20/month remaining on your contract up to a $400 maximum. Rogers is also subsidizing the cost of the iPhone by at least $450 – so it would cost you a bundle to buy the iPhone unlocked.


Rogers threat to unlocked iPhones

Rogers may be prepared to disable unlocked iPhones in advance of July 11 launch in Canada.

Rumor has it that the prices will be $199 and $299 each with a three year contract. There’ s no word on what happens if you are not currently eligible for an upgrade or what Rogers plans to do for the 40,000+ current iPhone users. It would seem fitting that they would destroy the relationship with current unofficial installed base. An installed base of users who are ultimately championing the platform in Canada.

Rogers is subsidizing the cost of the iPhone in Canada – which will cost the dealers about $500 a piece. And there is no confirmed data plan packages yet. There will not be any unlimited packages as AT&T and Tmobile have already lost billions with the unlimited packages.

Sssh! Rogers has a data plan for you.


a Treo user that I know told me that Rogers has a data plan that gives you 1GB of transfer for $65 a month. It’s intended for “non-Blackberry” phones and wireless data cards. You basically have a wireless handheld pda in your hand. Rogers may not allow you to use this service becuse thay will tell you that the iPhone is not supported…

But then you knew that when you bought the phone and hooked it up on Rogers! Didn’t you?

$65 bucks a month! Yahoo!

Bye bye Blackberry!

BTW I just read that Rogers may have them as early as January 18, 2007 Read more…

iPhone up and running in Canada

i am writing this post on an iPhone that was delivered to me today. It was purchased in the states for just over $430 USD. I managed to unlock it in under an hour and i have been using it all day since. It is a really nice work of engineering and only has a few shortcomings. Like the Newton before it,the iPhone does have a learning curve and its the user who must adapt. It makes my blackberry seem primative. i’m using wi-fi and have made one call on it. i havent been able to browse with Rogers sim card tho. No edge network available. At least that will keep the data costs down

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