iPhone needs MultiFinder

The iPhone needs the MultiFinder from System 6 to make it truly functional. Then we can truly say that it is the best cell phone for the 1990’s!

I don’t how many of you remember System 6 (or earlier) when Macs needed MultiFinder to run more than one application at a time. Ok, yes, System 6 had MultiFinder – but it crashed all the time and it didn’t become an “all the time app” until System 7 debuted. With System 6 you opened an application in the Finder – which would quit to get out of the way and free up memory – then you ran your application. If you wanted to go back and rename an folder or move things around you had to quit the running application so you could return to the Finder. The same was true if you wanted to open another application – you quit to return to the Finder and then launch the second application.

How is this any different than iPhone 2.1? You can open an app in Springboard but if you want to do anything else you press “Home” to go back to Springboard then open the other application. If you want to email a picture the iPhone quits the Photos app and launches Mail and creates a new message with the photo attached. 

When I ran System 6, I had an application called Disktop which was a “Desk Accessory” and I could run it with a running app. I could rename a folder, move or copy a file from one place to another and even switch to another application – without going to the Finder. Hmmm.

So it begs the question: When is System 7 coming out for the iPhone or when is someone going to – or be allowed to – develop DiskTop for the iPhone?





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