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Sssh! Rogers has a data plan for you.


a Treo user that I know told me that Rogers has a data plan that gives you 1GB of transfer for $65 a month. It’s intended for “non-Blackberry” phones and wireless data cards. You basically have a wireless handheld pda in your hand. Rogers may not allow you to use this service becuse thay will tell you that the iPhone is not supported…

But then you knew that when you bought the phone and hooked it up on Rogers! Didn’t you?

$65 bucks a month! Yahoo!

Bye bye Blackberry!

BTW I just read that Rogers may have them as early as January 18, 2007 Read more…

iPhone activation hacked

DVD John has managed to hack the activation. The iPhone ships completely inoperable, until iTunes is used to send a token back to Apple. Apple then returns the instruction that enables all of the iPhone’s functions. The hack allows users to pretend to be the apple server and instructs the phone to activate locally.

Read more here

Welcome to iPhone Guy

This is the home of iPhone Guy.

We are eagerly awaiting the arrival of our iPhone’s in Canada. Of course the issues at hand are what portions will actually work up here… Willl we have to get an American cell account?

I would expect that we can use the WiFi feature to access the phone’s data feature. The other problem is whether Rogers will realize that they can’t dictate terms of use to Apple Inc. Since Rogers is the only GSM acrrier in Canada this poses a problem…

We’ll let you know how we make out.